קסדות > קסדה A3 - נגד רסיסים וכדור 9מ"מ ארוך

קסדה A3 - נגד רסיסים וכדור 9מ"מ ארוך

RBH Attack
The World's Lightest IIIA Ballistic Helmet

The RBH Attack is a light weight ballistic helmet, uniquely designed for special units and terror combatants. The RBH Attack offers a new design with the most advanced aramid technology. While providing maximum comfort, it ensures high ballistic protection (level IIIA according to NIJ 0108.01 and NIJ 0106.01) and low velocity impact protection in accordance with EN 397.

Ballistic Material:


Protection Level:


Bullet Resistance:

9 mm 124 gr' FMJ,

0.44" Mag 240 gr' SWCGC

Fragmentation Performance [17 grain](v50):

570 m/s

Available Color(s):

Black, Olive Green,

Navy Blue or

according to customer's requirements

Available Size(s):

M, L, XL


950 g (M), 1,000 g (L), 1,100 g (XL)


Shell - 5 years,

Suspension & Retention System - 2 years