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אוטוסקופ ריסטר E-SCOPE Green technology

  • Low maintenance costs thanks to long LED and battery service lives. Whilst the service life of a xenon light source is only approx. 20 hours, LED burns for at least 20,000 hours, i.e. over 2 years at a go – with e-scope®, even with two conventional AA batteries.
  • Particularly high environment-friendliness, for the newly developed IPC in the e-scope® always converts the voltage of simple alkaline batteries into the optimum voltage required for LED operation, resulting in battery lives of around 50 operating

    AA batteries deliver a maximum 3 V. However, a 3.7 V voltage means that considerably more efficient LEDs can be used. Incompatible technical prerequisites? Not anymore. With the IPC, Riester has succeeded in producing a development that revolutionises illumination of pocket instruments. Because the tiny IPC inside the e-scope®always converts the voltage of conventional AA-size batteries into the optimum voltage supply for LEDs, thereby allowing efficient operation of LED illumination with alkaline batteries. As a result, the IPC not only allows optimum light quality, but also provides economic and ecological benefits. The service life of a light-emitting diode is therefore up to 1,000 times longer than that of xenon illumination and the batteries used in the e-scope® are discharged considerably more thoroughly thanks to the IPC; consequently, they do not need to be disposed of and replaced as often.